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Isuzu – ISL Colour Run

As part of the Crossfit Amaka community, I was invited (encouraged, pressured, strong-armed – call it whatever you like) into taking part in the 3 hour Colour Run Relay Race yesterday.

Crossfit Amaka entered five teams, with six people in each team apart from one: we had three ladies teams, 1 co-ed and a mens team.

What a day!

Runners could organise themselves however they wished, we all decided to run 1km lap each turn, and hand over to the next person. It was a hot day, with almost no cloud cover, and the course had very few patches of shade, so it was a good tactic.  1km was manageable if you could get out of the sun while your five team-mates ran their kilometre.

Everyone had a great time, did their best and we had a blast running through the colour splashes!

While we were enjoying our little 3 hour relay, others were finishing a  6-hour or a grueling 24-hour relay.  Some complete nutters actually did the 24 hour race on their own.  I know – madness. I think the winner completed something like 140km. I couldn’t even contemplate that!

My husband’s team won the 24 hour team relay race, he ran 49km by himself.  I was a little worried when I saw him at 10am and he looked exhausted, but he finished strong and uninjured. Makes my 6km look a bit insignificant, but I’m OK with that! We had so much fun!

Many thanks to ISL, Isuzu for sponsoring and Crossfit Amaka for being awesome!

And without further ado – some photos of the day!


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