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Dog with a blog



Good Evening All,

My name is Bailey: I am, what some would call, a Heinz 57 dog. Others might use the term ‘mongrel’, which frankly is a little insulting. One visitor rudely referred to me as a ‘garbage dog’, and now the family are all saying it.

The definition according to Wikipedia :

When breeds mix, their offspring manifest a wide variety of appearances; some resembling one breed closely, while others clearly exhibit features of both. However, as mixed breeds continue to interbreed, subsequent generations moderate toward a roughly similar appearance. They tend to be fawn or black and weigh about 18 kg (40 lb) and typically stand between 38 and 57 cm (15 and 23 inches) tall at the withers.

The truth is that I have an uncanny resemblance to every stray you might see by the roadside anywhere in Zambia. On further researching the subject, my adoptive mother has discovered that my people are all over Africa.

I am energetic, alert and love to play. Especially with the old cat my family already had when I got here, and the kitten they found in the bush before Christmas. For some reason they get really upset when I want to join in the chasing and fighting games.

Now, I am a very loving, loyal and soppy thing. I will sit by your feet, follow you everywhere and protect you. Unfortunately, I am a bit of a scaredy cat (pun intended) and I worry that anyone coming to the house is a “bad person”. So I want to nip the backs of their legs to chase them off.

Even more unfortunately, I thought a little boy (who, it turns out, only wanted to pat my head) was one of the bad guys and I snapped at him. My mum had hold of my collar because I had never been around small children before, so I didn’t actually bite him. Everyone got really upset about it anyway.

Other than that, I’m wonderful. I really don’t know what the fuss is about. Mum is worried because there aren’t any really good dog trainers here who deal with

aggressive behaviour

. Who knows what that means? She has been asking if I am a “ticking time bomb” – if you could see me with the family you too would wonder what the fuss is all about. She says she doesn’t want a dog she has to muzzle in public. What’s a muzzle? Can anyone help?


Here is a photo of me, and some of my people.


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