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Weekend Jail

This article was in this morning’s paper.

So here’s the latest on Drink Driving laws here in Zambia. The solution, you see, is to have the convicted drunk drivers to surrender themselves every weekend to jail, released after sundown on Sunday night.

This system suggests

a) Drunk drivers aren’t really that guilty

b) They will probably be very happy to spend every weekend in jail, and will surrender themselves promptly at 18:30 on a Friday night… Perhaps after work? (Or after a pint or three first, you know how it is…)

c) Drunk Drivers don’t need rehabilitation

d) They will not re-offend during the week, everyone saves their binge drinking until Friday nights, right?

e) If the offenders don’t comply with the law, Zambia has a very good infrastructure and system to find these people and ensure they follow the conditions of their sentence.


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