Monday afternoon: 15:45

Incredible. It only takes two days of broken Internet (across the country, not only my house this time) for us to feel adrift and out of touch. We still have mobile phones and land lines…we really are only cut off from the World Wide Web. Furthermore, it hasn't even really been 48 hours – Sunday was more off than on, but my husband managed to FaceTime with his parents. Albeit with patchy, sometimes frozen pictures, and we apparently spoke like robots – but he made contact nonetheless.

At school today we had no Internet at all; not a problem for the lessons I teach, however communication between admin/management and teachers usually takes the form of emails. The campus is quite large, and it is possible to miss something important without that ubiquitous flow of emails that we are all so accustomed to in this modern society, even in Zambia. As I teach alone, I felt a bit isolated even though colleagues teach full classes of children either side of me. On the plus side, it was overcast and cooler today, which was a blessing after 38°C (100.4°F) with no breeze over the weekend.

IB Students with deadlines have had to make their groveling excuses to explain why bibliographies weren't uploaded on time, emails from colleagues ignored on a Sunday afternoon were still ignored by Monday night, as we procrastinated in opening attachments until the working week began. We all reply so heavily on these cyber tools in our everyday lives, the disruption when they are removed is enormous.

No one seems certain when normal Internet service (i.e. painfully slow) will resume.

I guess the time and date when I finally manage to publish this will give some indication…

Those of you who may think I must have dropped off the face of the earth (but weren't that worried because you didn't try the good old fashioned telephone!) – I haven't. I'm just experiencing Africa.

P.S. That wasn't too bad in the end!

P.P.S. Saturday's weather
And this morning:
There are wild rumours suggesting rain is on its way.



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