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Wild Run!

No, no, don’t worry –   I didn’t partake of any running/jogging/out-in-the-hot-sun madness, but my darling husband and maybe 300 other nutters did, this morning starting at 6:30 am.

There is an annual event called Leopards Hill Run, in which you can choose to run 5 km (approx 3 miles), 10 km (6 miles), 21 km (13 miles or half marathon) or 42 km (the real McCoy, a full marathon).  I turned up near the end (supporters are just as important as the runners, you know) to cheer my hubby past the finish line, but I must admit did feel a tiny bit jealous and guilty that I didn’t run myself.

I have done some running in the past, (including a 20 km run if you don’t mind!), but I always find I end up with a very sore back, or my hip starts playing up, I hurt my Achilles quite recently. I’m really just not designed for running, that’s all I can conclude.  Either that or I have a very peculiar running style (think Phoebe from Friends, and you’ve probably got an accurate picture).

But these guys today all had a fabulous morning, running through the bush. Lucky runners saw impala and zebra (my husband missed the impala but spotted the zebra) and it just looked like they were having so much fun.

I’m considering entering the 5km run next year, as long as I can run in the build-up training period completely pain-free (and I am referring to mechanical, not muscular!).

Well done to all you runners (some of our primary pupils were running the 5 km, and I heard a rumour that one Grade 3 boy ran 10 km! I will investigate on Monday),  congratulations to all, I take my invisible hat off to you.


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