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Are the rains coming?

 credit  There has been great deal of talk about the rain here. It is interesting mainly in its absence. We’d had approximately 4 drops since we arrived in August (in direct contrast with weather experienced recently by friends and family in the US and Europe), until yesterday.  Having waited over two months for it, I must say the downpour was disappointingly short-lived. With no more than 20 minutes worth of light rain, it was the thunder which was more noticeable, partly due to the terror it always instills in the dog.  The weather was considerably cooler all day, though – which was a nice change to the 34 ℃ we’ve enjoyed recently. However, I am expecting that this is the start of  the long-awaited ‘rainy season’.  I am curious to see how the weather behaves, as I have had a mixture of reports – from ‘It rains for two weeks’ to ‘It will be glorious, then it will rain for 20 minutes and the sun comes out again’.  I have also heard that all the ditches fill up (including the shallow one around the house – I’m picturing a mini-moat), people say it becomes a bit more dangerous as you can’t see the potholes on the road, and the trees grow so quickly that they begin to cause problems to the overhead power lines.

The BBC weather forecast predicts more thundery showers today (sorry pooch!) and heavy rain tomorrow.  Watch this space. If it is dramatic, I post some photos of my own!


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