Country Cafés

Jackal and Hide at Sugarbush Farm

We have found two independent cafes off Leopard’s Hill Road, both offering a relaxing and enjoyable spot to savour coffee or a spot of lunch.  Jackal and Hide at Sugarbush Farm serves food and drinks; it also has a shop attached selling the most beautiful leather bags which are crafted here in Zambia (among other gift/home ideas).  I will be making a ‘wish list’ and returning very soon.

You can order your fruit and vegetables, which the gardeners will prepare for you.  They have a list

It’s winter, so there’s not a huge selection ready yet.

of seasonal produce available on the gate to the vegetable patch.  Horses roam the farm and have found clever ways of gaining access to the most luscious grass – in the play area.  The horse in the photo (above) had to be led away by one of the gardeners before he made his way into their wonderful vegetable garden! I got the impression this was not the first time it had happened.

At Kilimanjaro Cafe and Lodge you can get lunch or coffee (and breakfast I think?).  They also sell African wooden crafts, and cater to children’s parties (including miniature pony rides, miniature trampolines, sand pit, etc. Everything miniature, not sure my teenagers would welcome their birthdays there… but you never know.)  They apparently have a talented baker who makes specialist cakes to order; on the day we visited, the ‘birthday girl’ had requested a pirate party, and received a beautiful pirate ship cake.  Her mother was delighted.

Oh, and dogs are welcome as long as they can cope with the dogs that roam the grounds, and don’t cause a scene. Ours didn’t, thankfully. Nor did she chase the peacocks 🙂

Under cover at Kilimanjaro Cafe


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