Hello Zambia!


We arrived late Thursday night, made our way through Immigration (luckily we were at the front of the queue), collected bags and pets from the carousel with little difficulty, and after a half hour journey to the house we could finally relax a little!

My concerns over the import permit were unfounded, no one even asked to see it; it had already been used for ‘pre-clearance’, without any French signature on it at all. It all worked just as the Zambian Vet Liza had said, including the suggestion to try KLM instead of the other airline, as pets can travel as ‘checked baggage’ and avoid costing 3,000 euros to ship over here. What was I so worried about??!

The house is homier than expected, and the garden is gorgeous. The cat is driving everyone (OK, just me) insane already, misbehaving as only Ninja does. Jasmine, the dog is in her element, only missing a tennis ball or football to obsess over (as seen in the photo- that’s her ‘bored’ look). We can sort that one out for her tomorrow.

The temperature has been perfect today: a comfortable 26 C I would say. Not bad for winter…

We all hope the pool will be usable tomorrow – I have a test kit to use on it in the morning. Let’s see if I can work out how to read it! Fingers and toes firmly crossed.


6 thoughts on “Hello Zambia!

  1. Sooooo pleased all has gone smoothly. Now you can relax and enjoy! Jasmine does looks bored…dogs don’t really need to talk to let you know what they feel, huh!

  2. Wow, Jerri, it all looks great and sounds as though the move was relatively stress free, surprised to hear how easy it was to get your pets over. The pool looks very inviting with the 26 weave had in London today. Take care, Priya

  3. Looks lovely. Jasmine looks like she’s always been there! Glad the flight with pets went ok. Is it far for kids to go to school etc? When do they have to start?
    Lisa x

    • Hi Lisa- we love your Morocco pictures, they’re great! The school is about 15 minutes away, but they have to start on Wednesday! Not very happy faces chez Ryder when that comes up. How are you?

  4. Hi JP and Jerri, glad the move went well . We really hope you keep on blogging as it is a great way for us to keep up with all your adventures.

    Best wishes and love from Phil, Joanna, Cath, Ken and family in Bury.

  5. It was lovely to see you already ensconced in the garden – all that was missing was the G & T – can you by it there? Dont forget, dates for your diary : end July we’re coming to stay…… can’t wait. Now I can read about all your adventures too…. Lots of love to you all, and a big sloppy kiss from Bodie

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