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Calm before the storm

After a few days of R&R with friends and family, we are moving into the final stages of the epic process of moving to Zambia. Highlights have included meeting my friend’s gorgeous 3rd child for the first time, our very dear friends from the Isle of Man coming to Surrey to see us (OK, they’re on their way to watch the Taekwondo at the Olympics, but great effort was made regardless!), Thai meals and Sunday lunch with friends – all of whom I expect to see on African soil, some of them plan to come next year. You know who you are….

The next few days are going to be rather manic. I must: drive back to France; collect a prescription of my body weight in anti-malaria tablets from the local chemist; collect health certificate for pets from the vet; return to house for dog crate and to collect luggage; install wheels onto said dog crate with a drill, wrench, template etc, which I am not entirely convinced that I still have, as the house has been emptied; remove all additional items left behind by the movers… (hoping a friend is planning to take the pool table… How can you miss a pool table?); take all surplus items to Emmaus (a bit like the salvation army); collect cat; take pets and the remainder of our worldly possessions to the hotel at the airport; return to do the walk through in the house with the agent; hand over the keys; clean out the car; then visit a garage miles away to sell the car; return to airport by public transport- this is all before catching the flight the next day, assuming all the pet paperwork is in order…

So today is a chill out day in sunny England!

The weather has generally been as forecast, sunshine & showers and quite cool. I have a sneaky feeling it’s for us – I’m quite enjoying the cool temperature, if not really the rain! Anticipation of what is to come…



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