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What does 610 kg LOOK like?


Things are moving on a bit since we discovered that we are moving to Zambia – but only a bit.  I have placed some unwanted furniture items on an email and distributed to the local school community.  We have chosen a school (but not paid the deposit), we have seen the house on a Skype tour, but haven’t decided what we will take with us.  This is a subject of on-going debate (but mainly one- sided.  Oddly enough my family aren’t as interested in these things as I am).


We only have 610kg allowance (plus baggage allowance on the flight out there), the rest of our worldly belongings will be placed in storage for the foreseeable future; and being told that you have to pay for your own storage (for however long that might be: 3 years, 6 years, more?) really focuses the mind.  You start viewing each piece of furniture in € signs.  For example:  “That wardrobe is going to cost me 722€ to store over 3 years : if we are gone for 6 years, it will be 1444€.  How much do I really like it?”.  The answer: It’s on the ‘for sale’ list! 


Mildly interesting if it wasn’t so stressful.  And I’m sure only interesting to me! Still, I will post photographs of my packing successes (and failures) as they unfold. 

If you know what 610 kg looks like, let me know!



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